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Attack Surface Management Solutions

Take the guesswork out of understanding and protecting your organization’s digital footprint. Censys ASM provides a comprehensive profile of the IT assets on the internet, we empower defenders with the visibility into their attack surface and the insights to stay ahead of attackers, and to build more secure solutions.

Finding, monitoring, and understanding your internet-facing assets. No surprises, only actionable insights.

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Did you know?
85% more

Censys Attack Surface Management discovers 85% more services than the nearest competitor.

No matter how skilled or equipped your security team is, they cannot know everything. Especially when it comes to knowing the enterprise assets that currently exist on the internet and how risky that existence is. That’s where Attack Surface Management (ASM) comes in.

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Censys brings total visibility

Continuous Internet Asset Discovery and Inventory

Your attack surface isn't simply your known world — it’s also the vast, extended, unseen digital environments where vital information is stored, shared, hidden, sent, and moved in unforeseen ways. Censys Attack Surface Management discovers unknown and unmanaged internet-facing assets — including services, hosts, websites, storage buckets, and cloud accounts — across all clouds and networks in real time.

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Risk Detection and Remediation

There are too many factors to your data and assets to keep it all straight, up-to-date, and accounted for. That is precisely why we exist. Mismanaged cloud configurations. Expiring certificates. Aging and vulnerable properties. Through our industry-unmatched algorithmic discovery and automated attribution, we're always on. Always seeing. Always helping.

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M&A and Subsidiary Risk Analysis

Your biggest risks can come from combining complex data worlds. We're here to help you shine a light on all of it. Unknown assets across cloud providers. Disparate approaches and resulting shadows. We bring confidence to your boldest organizational moves.

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Cloud Security and Governance

The cloud presents endless organizational advantages. And endless opportunities for open doors. Our scans of the internet go wider and deeper than anyone to find the potential misconfigurations and help you shore them up. Because we all love to sleep at night.

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Data Solutions

Censys Data gives you continuous scanning of the IPv4 address space on over 3,500 ports from multiple global perspectives. We also maintain the largest publicly searchable X.509 certificate repository in the world with over 7 billion parsed certificates.

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Data Facts
66% hidden

We perform automatic protocol detection to find services running on unexpected ports, where 66% of the services we uncover are on non-standard ports

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Attack Surface Management Solutions
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