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Censys for Federal Government

Gain deep visibility into the global threat landscape with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date dataset of internet intelligence available.
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The one place to understand everything on the internet.

Cybersecurity is Essential to the Future of Our Global Economy

The sophistication of today’s threat actors continues to rapidly accelerate, posing a significant threat to both our personal and national security. This is further compounded by the complexity of the global stage and perpetuated by autocratic states aggressively using advanced cyber capabilities.

Threat Hunting

Leverage the largest, most comprehensive dataset of internet intelligence to disrupt sophisticated global threat actors, proactively protect critical infrastructure, increase visibility into the global threat landscape, and accelerate incident response.

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Attack Surface Management

Censys arms global agencies with the critical information they need to find, monitor, and understand their internal attack surface in order to identify and remediate advanced threats and exposures.

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No other internet data provides as much context or visibility into hosts, ports, certificates, active protocols, software, and asset pivots.
Censys supports government agencies in 15+ countries, including the U.S.
The Censys Federal Team is made up of former military and government intelligence officials.

How Censys Partners with Global Government Agencies

Government Use Cases

Building a more resilient digital future relies on hardening our global defenses to dismantle advanced persistent threats and secure our critical infrastructure against dangerous criminal threats. Censys supports a wide variety of government use cases.

  • Foreign CyberIntelligence
  • Military CyberIntelligence
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • Critical Infrastructure Intelligence
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Discovery
  • Geopolitical Trends
  • Cyber Vulnerability Trends
  • Foreign Criminal Threats

Federal Agencies See More with Censys

Censys works closely with global government agencies to solidify international defenses, discover new and emerging threats, collaborate across the globe, and uncover criminal activity.

  • US Intelligence Community
  • US Department of Defense
  • Global Law Enforcement
  • International Intelligence Agencies
  • State and Local Government
  • Homeland Security
  • Civilian Agencies
  • NATO and Friendly Allies

Our Mission Critical Research

We leverage our leading internet intelligence capabilities to uncover a number of threats relevant to national cybersecurity, including Russian ransomware and threats to critical infrastructure.

U.S. Critical Infrastructure Report: Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline

Censys examined 11 oil and gas companies operating and based in the United States and found a total of 682 risks across the 11 companies. Learn more about the threat types we identified and what our findings mean for critical infrastructure security teams.

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Russian Ransomware C2 Network Discovered in Censys Data

Learn how our team used the Censys Search tool to identify evidence of ransomware on multiple Russian hosts and how they discovered that hosts in the U.S. may be vulnerable.

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Who We Work With

Why Governments Choose Censys

Censys Search empowers governments, enterprises, and researchers with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Map of the Internet for proactive and reactive security analysis at scale.

We understand your unique needs

We demonstrate our knowledge of your mission, can accurately explain where we fit into your objectives, and show you why our insights matter.

We deliver real-time insights

World events happen fast, and government teams need ground-truth answers even faster. Censys is the best source of technical, worldwide, time-relevant data.

We eliminate information gaps

The ability to see the exposed global internet in real-time is a blind spot to everyone but Censys. Our scanning and parsing processes are invaluable.

We’re ahead of the curve

It would take years for others to catch up with our scanning capabilities and associated processes.
One year after the network disruption at Colonial Pipeline, Censys reassessed examined not only Colonial Pipeline, but also 10 other leading U.S. oil and gas pipelines with our Attack Surface Management platform to see if their Internet exposure had improved.

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