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The Censys Internet Map

Censys’ proprietary Internet Map is the most comprehensive, up-to-date collection of global internet infrastructure enriched with critical context to empower your security and intelligence teams.
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The Power Behind the Censys Platform

Good enough data isn’t good enough. Having a robust source of ground truth internet intelligence not only reduces false positives and cuts down on the noise, but also enables security teams to intelligently prioritize and act on threats – before it’s too late.

Source of Truth

The ground truth for global internet infrastructure.

Security professionals can leverage the power behind the Internet Map through Censys Search, Censys Attack Surface Management or Censys Data Downloads. The Censys Internet Map can also be applied to a wide range of applications to automate operations, enrich security tools and more.

Comprehensive Scanning

The only vendor conducting daily comprehensive scans of the top 100+ ports

Daily Refreshes

The only vendor conducting daily refreshes on all 3b+ services in our dataset

Machine Learning-Based Discovery

The only vendor with ML-based discovery of services across all 65k ports

Open Ports & Running Protocols

The only vendor providing detailed visibility into open ports and running protocols

x.509 Certificates

The world’s largest x.509 certificate database

Automatic Protocol Detection

~100 Deep Protocol Scanners and Automatic Protocol Detection to identify services running on unassigned ports

Censys’s data accuracy reduces the number of false positives by 70%

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Censys External Attack Surface Management,
Forrester, 2023

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The Breadth & Depth of Our Data

Censys has the widest breadth and depth of internet scanning data available, empowering security teams to identify host types, understand how assets are connected and configured to find and respond to both internal risks and external threats.


Censys has the widest breadth and depth of internet scanning coverage available; scanning services six times faster than the nearest competitor.


Enrich, label, and classify scan results with the context necessary to facilitate investigations and understanding across known and unknown assets.


With >95% accuracy, Censys surfaces behavioral data points on every host and running service, allowing security teams and threat hunters to identify patterns and uncover relationships between otherwise disparate infrastructure.

The Censys Internet Map by the Numbers

Censys customers trust us to protect their attack surfaces from adversaries and enrich their threat intelligence on bad actors. With over four global scan perspectives, Censys helps to accomplish missions faster with access to:

ML-Based Discovery Across 65k Ports
Data on all 3.3B Services Refreshed Daily
>254M+ IPv4 Hosts
238.7M+ IPv6 Hosts
>1.2B+Virtual Hosts

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