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Censys Search

The largest, most comprehensive dataset of internet intelligence available.

Censys Search provides best-in-class data to proactively protect your organization against advanced threat actors.
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Not All Data Is Created Equal.

Censys Search empowers governments, enterprises, and researchers with the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date Map of the Internet for proactive and reactive security analysis at scale.

Most comprehensive view of the internet

Censys Search is the only internet scanner conducting daily comprehensive scans of the top 100+ ports and proprietary ML-based discovery of services across all 65k ports, scanning 63% more services than our nearest competitor.

Deep insights and context-aware capabilities

Censys empowers security teams to make faster decisions by providing the context necessary to understand asset connections, current configurations, and discovered threat details.

Detailed access to historical data

Censys stores information for up to two years, enabling retroactive research, forensic analysis, and visibility into how assets have changed over time.

How Censys Search Works

Censys Search Use Cases

Our customers use Censys Search for a variety of different use cases to gain more visibility, accelerate suspicious asset discovery, and investigate nefarious activity.

Threat Hunting
Suspicious Infrastructure Identification
Compromised Host Discovery
Intrusion Detection

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Accelerate Investigations with Censys Search

Censys IOT Search Engine is the trusted data source across a wide array of industries, including commercial businesses, government agencies, and research institutions.

Commercial Organizations

Businesses across a wide range of industries and sizes leverage Censys Search to quickly identify and remediate critical threats. Customers use Censys Search to improve threat intelligence operations, identify attacker command and control infrastructure, research new and emerging threats, and thwart breaches before they happen.

Government Agencies

Censys is the trusted data provider to a wide range of global government agencies to identify Advanced Persistent Threats from nation-state actors trying to gain insights into network infrastructure. With Censys, agencies can conduct historical analysis, gather evidence and criminal intelligence, manage key assets and certificates, and identify critical infrastructure.

Research Institutions

Academic and research institutions use Censys Search to analyze historical and emerging threat patterns, determine how the internet is changing, and formulate a perspective and recommendations on improving internet-wide security.

Censys Search Pricing Tiers

Tailored Intelligence for Every Team Size

As a security professional, your mission is to stay ahead of threats with reliable data tailored to your team’s scale. We offer a wide variety of Censys Search packages to fit the unique needs of your business.

Censys Search Community

Ideal for individual users who are looking to get acquainted with core features, Censys Search Community is our complimentary 60-day trial to start your threat hunting journey.

Censys Search Solo

Built for individual users, Censys Search Solo empowers you to leverage our best-in-class data to boost visibility and accelerate threat investigation, even if you are not part of a larger team.

Censys Search Teams

Designed for small to medium-sized security teams and organizations up to 5 users, Censys Search Teams is designed to match your business needs, with easy upgrades to Pro packages for expanded capabilities.

Censys Search Pro, Advanced & Premium

For mature security teams with sophisticated and multifaceted needs, our Pro, Advanced, and Premium tiers offer a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. Tailored to support larger scale operations, these packages provide enhanced query access, unlimited pagination, dedicated support and more.

Ready to empower your team with Censys Search? Check out more details on our pricing page and elevate your threat hunting!

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See Censys Search in action today.

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