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Where the Weird Things Are – How to Investigate Unusual Internet Artifacts with Censys Search Data

What do you do when you come across something on the internet that seems amiss? Maybe you see software that claims to be one thing, but is really another – or control panels with no authentication. Are these harmless anomalies, or potential cybersecurity risks?

For threat hunting security teams tasked with protecting the organization, figuring out the answer to this question is paramount. Doing so could mean the difference between business as usual, and the catastrophic loss of customer data, money, and brand reputation.

That’s where the Censys Search tool comes in. With Censys Search, security teams can investigate unusual observations to quickly gather more intel and make proactive decisions. Censys Search is available in multiple versions, including as a free community tool.

In this ebook, we’re sharing detailed instructions on how to use Censys Search to support your security efforts. Download the ebook for answers to questions like:

  • What is it about today’s environment that makes the internet a particularly big and weird place?
  • Which questions should you ask when attempting to gather more information about a “weird” artifact?
  • Which specific steps within the Censys Search tool should security teams take when pursuing a threat hunting investigation?
  • How does Censys Search empower security teams across companies of all sizes and industries?

Get your copy of the ebook today to start your own informed investigation of the “weird things” you may encounter.

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