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Tool sprawl leads to security gaps, inefficiencies, and potential vulnerabilities.

As modern threat actors evolve with alarming speed, the demand for an integrated suite of security solutions becomes more critical. Organizations, burdened by disparate and fractured security tools, face the risk of significant coverage gaps and data silos. This underscores the urgency for a unified and comprehensive stack of security tools.

Security and risk management leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with the operational inefficiencies and the lack of integrations of a heterogenous security stack.

– 2022 Gartner Survey

The Censys Integrations Marketplace delivers a streamlined, automated and integrated security ecosystem.

Deploy any integration from any vendor in 15 minutes or less with the Censys Integrations Marketplace. This rapid and reliable integration process equips teams to navigate the complexities and challenges of the current cybersecurity landscape with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Streamline Security Operations

Consolidated toolstacks enhance control and visibility, leading to better coordination across security platforms.

Eliminate Data Silos

A unified data view breaks down barriers between systems, closing coverage gaps, and improving threat detection and response.

Enhance Workflow Automation

Automating tasks such as cloud asset import and shadow IT integration into vulnerability systems substantially reduces manual workload.

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack.

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Explore our extensive range of existing integrations below.

Atlassian Jira

Integrate your attack surface management system with your existing ticketing workflows. You can open tickets directly from ASM.


Integrate a comprehensive inventory of your AWS-managed cloud assets for a clearer understanding of your external attack surface.


Integrate your cloud environment to gain visibility into your known cloud assets and get a comprehensive view of your attack surface.

Microsoft Sentinel

Connect your host and risk events with your existing alert, correlation, and incident workflows for improved efficiency.

Cisco Webex Teams

Integrate with your team’s communication platform to receive risk and host event notifications in real time, reducing the remediation timeframe.


Integrate your cloud environment to gain visibility into your known cloud assets and get a comprehensive view of your attack surface.

Microsoft Teams

Expedite your risk remediation by alerting your risk and host events in real time, directly to a channel in your team’s workspace.

Qualys VMDR

Reduce vulnerability and asset gaps by integrating your asset discovery tool with your vulnerability manager for seamless unknown asset tracking.

ServiceNow ITSM

Integrate your ticket workflows. Your team can create tickets directly from ASM.


Accelerate your risk remediation by sending your risk and host events directly to a channel in your Slack workspace.

Splunk Cloud & Splunk Enterprise

Configure your system to connect attack surface data with your security and analytics applications for enhanced insights.

Tenable VM

Set up the integration to sync your asset inventory with your vulnerability manager, ensuring all unknown assets are tracked and scanned.

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