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About Our Integrations

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack by integrating our solution in your existing ecosystem and adapt it to your needs. Censys leverages a robust API/SDK framework to offer seamless integrations and ease of use. Explore our extensive range of existing integrations below. Can’t find what you’re looking for? We’re here to assist—don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Exposure Management Favorites

Atlassian Jira

Integrate your exposure management system with your existing ticketing workflows. You can open tickets directly from ASM.

Azure Sentinel

Connect your host and risk events with your existing alert, correlation, and incident workflows for improved efficiency.

Cisco Webex Teams

Integrate with your team’s communication platform to receive risk and host event notifications in real time, reducing the remediation timeframe.

Microsoft Teams

Expedite your risk remediation by alerting your risk and host events in real time, directly to a channel in your team’s workspace.

Qualys VMDR

Reduce vulnerability and asset gaps by integrating your asset discovery tool with your vulnerability manager for seamless unknown asset tracking.


Integrate your ticket workflows. Your team can create tickets directly from ASM.


Accelerate your risk remediation by sending your risk and host events directly to a channel in your Slack workspace.


Configure your system to connect attack surface data with your security and analytics applications for enhanced insights.

Tenable VM

Set up the integration to sync your asset inventory with your vulnerability manager, ensuring all unknown assets are tracked and scanned.

Censys Cloud Connectors for Exposure Management


Integrate a comprehensive inventory of your AWS-managed cloud assets for a clearer understanding of your external attack surface.


Integrate your cloud environment to gain visibility into your known cloud assets and get a comprehensive view of your attack surface.


Integrate your cloud environment to gain visibility into your known cloud assets and get a comprehensive view of your attack surface.

Censys Search


A flexible platform with a large ecosystem of services to collect data from a variety of sources.


A Postman collection for Censys’ REST API functionality; the Postman Collections in the Censys Community Github repo are JSON files containing information about the API calls available from Censys Search.

Python SDK/CLI

Censys Python is an easy-to-use and lightweight wrapper for Censys Search APIs.

Censys Community


SOC-focused app for threat detection, investigation, and proactive protection.


A Python Web Reconnaissance framework with independent modules and database interaction.

Typescript SDK

The Censys Community Github repository offers examples and wrapper functions, enabling users to craft scripts and enhance workflows using TypeScript and Censys Search APIs.


An open-source network scanner used to discover hosts and services on a computer network.

Third Party Developer


An input-focused inventory management app.


Cybersixgill’s integration with Censys provides customers with visibility into the organizational external attack surface, arming teams with critical insight into their security posture.


Securonix Investigate integrates by utilizing the Censys Search API endpoint by fetching the entire host entity by IP address and returning the most recent Censys view of the host and its services.


A security application focusing on automation of repeatable security tasks.


The Polarity Censys integration allows the Polarity user to quickly perform research against the Censys “hosts” API endpoint. Fetches the entire host entity by IP address and returns the most recent Censys view of the host and its services.

Cortex XSOAR

Cortex XSOAR integrates with Censys v2 via API. The necessary credentials, such as the App ID and Secret, are required to authenticate and establish the connection.


RunZero’s integration with Censys leverages Censys’ APIs for importing and synchronizing internet-wide scan data directly into RunZero’s asset inventory, facilitated by API credentials and customized configurations to suit user-specific requirements and queries.


The Threatconnect integration utilizes the Censys Search API to perform various actions such as DNS lookups, reverse DNS lookups, and custom searches.


Mindflow leverages Censys Search’s API to automate workflows enabling automated, no-code utilization of rich Censys data.


Tines integrates with Censys through API connections. The integration allows Tines’ automated workflows, or “stories”, to incorporate Censys’ real-time data on host configurations, domains, and vulnerabilities.

Attack Surface Management Solutions
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