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Q4 ‘23 Product Release: Harness the Power of Integrations

In the rapidly-evolving world of cybersecurity, it can be challenging for teams to manage and secure their ever-expanding external attack surfaces. Many enterprises rely on a diverse suite of security tools to ensure they have a comprehensive and complete view of potential threats and exposures. However, when these tools work in silos, they often lead to gaps in visibility, alert fatigue, and delayed responses to threats. This is where the power of integration becomes not just beneficial, but essential.

An organization’s tech stack needs to work together seamlessly to quickly identify vulnerabilities, respond to threats in real time, and maintain continuous oversight of its evolving digital landscape. Recognizing this, Censys is excited to share more about our latest product updates, designed to seamlessly integrate with your cybersecurity stack: Censys Cloud Connectors and the Censys Integrations Marketplace.

Let’s talk about how these new integrations-focused offerings can elevate your approach to exposure management.

Allow Us to Reintroduce: Censys Cloud Connectors

The cloud plays a pivotal role in modern business infrastructure. A significant portion of business operations now reside in the cloud, including cloud computing, SaaS solutions, and IoT applications. This shift from traditional on-premises systems introduces new challenges for security teams, primarily due to the fluid and continually evolving nature of cloud environments. Assets in the cloud are not static; they are constantly being added, removed, and modified, often eluding conventional identification methods.

Given this, it’s critical that cloud environments can be captured in exposure management solutions. Without this seamless integration, organizations risk having a fragmented view of their attack surface, leading to blind spots in their security defenses and potential vulnerabilities.

Censys Cloud Connectors address this challenge head-on. Hosted by Censys and designed for performance and ease-of-use, these connectors simplify the integration process for security teams. They offer a streamlined and efficient way to ensure comprehensive visibility into all cloud-facing assets, eliminating the need for additional infrastructure or extensive maintenance. Compatible with major cloud service providers (CSPs), Cloud Connectors ensure our customers have a clear, up-to-date view of their external attack surface and cloud-facing exposures.

Check out a demo to see Censys Cloud Connectors in action:



Meet the Rapid Integrations Program

As we’ve seen, security teams today are grappling with an often overwhelming number of tools in their security stack. This complexity is compounded by the need for these tools to work synergistically to provide comprehensive, efficient defense against evolving cyber threats. Manually integrating all of these tools requires time and resources that most teams can’t afford to spare.

Understanding this critical need, Censys is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Integrations Marketplace – a streamlined solution for the rapid and efficient integration of cybersecurity tools. Our marketplace transforms the daunting task of integrating various security products into a straightforward, quick, and user-friendly process. This is made possible by our new Rapid Integrations Program, which ensures that building and configuring an integration takes mere weeks, drastically cutting down on the time and effort typically required.

The Censys Integrations Marketplace will be a dynamic addition to our Exposure Management Platform. The marketplace will feature nine new integrations, with more on the horizon. These integrations are thoughtfully designed to cater to the crucial needs of modern security teams, and focus primarily on alerting and vulnerability management.

The alerting integrations facilitate timely and efficient communication of security risks, significantly reducing the gap between risk discovery and response. The vulnerability management integrations streamline the process of incorporating new and undiscovered assets into your existing vulnerability management tools, eliminating the cumbersome process of manual data entry across multiple platforms.

New Integrations

  • Cisco WebEx
  • Risk Digest Email Delivery
  • Webhook
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure Sentinel
  • ServiceNow
  • Qualys
  • Tenable VM


Innovating for Today and Tomorrow

As we look to the future, Censys remains dedicated to developing solutions that not only address current security challenges but also anticipate emerging trends. Our commitment is to provide you with tools that are not just effective but also forward-thinking, ensuring that your security posture remains robust, agile, and ahead of the curve.

We’re excited to see how our innovations will empower your security teams and safeguard your digital landscape. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to schedule a personalized demo or contact us with any questions you may have.

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