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About Censys

Censys partners with both the private and public sectors to provide the most accurate internet intelligence data available, so teams can uncover risks and take down threats at scale.
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We Make It Our Mission to Empower Yours

At Censys we believe that cybersecurity is critical to the future of our global economy. And in order to evolve cybersecurity defenses, both the public and private sector need access to best-in-class intelligence data. By arming our customers with the visibility and insights that they need to protect against critical threats, Censys provides the intelligence needed to bolster cybersecurity capabilities worldwide.

Our Story

Best-in-class internet data has always been at the core of what sets Censys apart. Born from a research project at the University of Michigan, our internet-wide scanning data now powers threat hunting and attack surface management efforts at enterprise organizations around the world.


ZMap Invented

Censys co-founder Zakir Durumeric invents ZMap and fast internet-wide scanning while a Ph.D. student at the University of Michigan.


Censys Inc. Founded

Censys Inc. is founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan and receives seed funding from local angel investors.


New Scanning Technology Built

Censys develops proprietary scanning technology to replace ZMap.


Censys ASM Launched

Censys introduces its industry-leading Censys Attack Surface Management platform.


Series B Funding Raised

Censys raises $35M in a Series B funding round, with investments led by Intel Capital.


Censys Internet Intelligence Platform Launched

Censys continues to evolve its product offerings and introduces the Censys Internet Intelligence Platform for Threat Hunting and Attack Surface Management.


Supporting Security Teams Globally

Censys currently partners with 165+ corporations and government organizations around the world.

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We’ve brought together a dynamic group of executives to lead Censys through continued growth and innovation. Our leaders bring decades of experience to the table, many of which have been spent in tech and cybersecurity.


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Censys partners with the brightest minds in the industry. Learn more about the individuals and investors committed to supporting our mission.

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Our work is transforming the very way organizations go about protecting what they own on the internet – and it’s all powered by a committed team of talented, collaborative, and relentlessly-driven professionals.

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The cybersecurity world turns to the Censys team for trusted insights on CVEs, industry trends, and other thought leadership. Check out our team’s latest research and resources.

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