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Ensure your entire attack surface is always secure.

With Censys' External Attack Surface Management, you can continuously discover, manage, and protect your rapidly growing attack surface.
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Today’s threat landscape is ever-evolving, leaving security teams blind.

With the rapid proliferation of cloud providers, software, web properties, remote devices, and more, it is becoming incredibly challenging for security teams to identify risks and take action. Plus, your organization’s attack surface is constantly evolving, so your security team needs access to a comprehensive and highly contextualized dataset for security analysis at scale.

What is External Attack Surface Management?

External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is the process of continuously discovering, monitoring, evaluating, prioritizing and remediating possible entry points within an organization’s IT infrastructure that could be susceptible to an attack.

Did You Know?
Did you know that 43% of assets are often unknown by an organization?

Stay in control of your attack surface with continuous visibility.

With Censys’ External Attack Surface Management solution, your organization will have a real-time, attacker-centric view of all external-facing internet and cloud exposures. Your external attack surface will be assessed for risks and each vulnerability will be prioritized based on your specifications. These assets and exposures can be refreshed daily, hourly or on-demand, giving your organization the necessary visibility to manage your cybersecurity posture.

Continuous Asset Discovery

Real-time visibility and daily updates to your attack surface.

Discovery Path

Detailed view of each asset, including data into why Censys pulled in each asset, ownership, connections, and pivots.

Risk Prioritization

Customize severity level of risks globally, or on a per-asset basis.

Cloud Connectors

Get total visibility into your cloud footprint, so you can identify changes and exposures overtime.

Rapid Response

Understand your overall exposure to zero-day and headline vulnerabilities in minutes, not days or weeks.

APIs and Integrations

Leverage attack surface data throughout your entire security ecosystem with native integrations and API endpoints,

Customers love Censys EASM

  • Censys provides a good lens into things that we don’t know about. Censys was able to quickly discover multiple S3 storage buckets that were publicly accessible on the Internet and contained sensitive data.

    - Public Real Estate Company

  • Since implementation 6 months ago, we have done a mass clean up of what we thought was our Attack Surface make-up, this clean up work has resulted in a 71% reduction. We have also reduced our critical vulnerabilities by 7%, which is a great win for us.

    - Global Market Research Company

  • Being able to work with the API gave us new capabilities... because [API] customization exists, you have the possibility to extend the capabilities of Censys and the data.

    - European Government Agency

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