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Stay ahead of zero-day vulnerabilities with Censys.

Censys’ Rapid Response team fingerprints and prioritizes critical zero-day vulnerabilities into our risk framework, ensuring our customers take the proactive approach to mitigation.
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Zero-day vulnerabilities pose a high risk to organizations as bad actors race to exploit these vulnerabilities in the wild.

When a system or device vulnerability is disclosed, but not yet patched, it’s called a zero-day vulnerability. These attacks are particularly malicious because they can be challenging to detect, giving hackers the opportunity to launch targeted attacks.

Security teams do not always have the time or resources to track these vulnerabilities themselves, leaving organizations open to intruders.

The Censys’ Rapid Response team partners with our customers to detect and defend against zero-day exploits.

Speed and accuracy are essential to securing organizations from today’s evolving threat landscape. Censys’ Rapid Response Team quickly adds critical zero-days into our Attack Surface Management risk framework. Using this information, our solution immediately identifies all assets potentially impacted by these critical threats, so security teams can secure these assets and stop hackers from infiltrating their network.

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