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Exposure Management 101

Monitor and protect your attack surface with exposure management.

Empower your security teams to identify, prioritize, and remediate advanced threats and exposures.
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Think Like An Attacker

You don’t know about what you can’t see. Gain the attacker’s perspective and continuously discover, understand, communicate, and automate the management of internet-exposed and Shadow IT assets with Censys Exposure Management.

Daily Attack Surface Discovery

Discover critical exposures and mitigate risks with always-on multi-perspective scanning and daily coverage across your entire known and unknown attack surfaces.

Attribution Engine

Get a complete and automated view of your organization's perimeter to establish high-confidence connections for discovered internet assets.

Risk Triage and Prioritization

Monitor and update your attack surface daily across 300+ different risk fingerprints to determine severity of discovered weaknesses and exposures.

Risk Context and Remediation Guidance

Simplify security decisions with rich and precise risk context and recommendations to facilitate specific remediation guidance.

Rapid Response

Count on Censys to ensure that you are always aware of new vulnerabilities. We prioritize and communicate emergency vulnerabilities in the platform within 24 hours of disclosure.

Dashboards and Reporting

Aggregate raw attack surface telemetry into easy-to-understand dashboards and trends, quickly enabling your security team to see your entire attack surface at-a-glance.

How Censys Exposure Management Works

Censys Exposure Management Use Cases

Our customers use Censys Exposure Management for a wide variety of use cases to gain visibility and identify risks in their attack surface.

Attack Surface Management
Cloud Asset Discovery
Exposure and Risk Management
Security Performance Assessment
Mergers and Acquisitions

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