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Identify exposures across all of your cloud assets.

Let our Attack Surface Management solution arm your organization with a real-time, contextualized view into all of your exposures - across the Internet and cloud.
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Unmanaged cloud adoption enables shadow IT and opens the door to bad actors.

With the rapid adoption of the cloud, organizations have a plethora of cloud facing assets that can impact their security posture. Without visibility into the cloud, organizations have an outdated and limited view of their exposed assets. This leaves security teams with blindspots and unable to mitigate exposures.

  • Cloud sprawl across the organization
  • Decentralized security standards
  • Variable configurations across cloud accounts
  • High and critical risks in non-sanctioned, unmonitored providers

Gain a centralized and complete exposure inventory with Censys.

With Censys’ vendor agnostic cloud connectors, customers have a centralized view into all of their assets in one place, for simplified viewing, reporting and defending. Censys scans all public-facing cloud instances every 12 hours, ensuring ongoing monitoring and importing of exposures into an organizations’ asset inventory. Security teams will rest assured they have the full context necessary to manage all of their Internet and cloud based exposures.

Total visibility into cloud footprint
Identify and eliminate shadow cloud accounts
Ability to move cloud assets to managed environments
Monitor assets for vulnerabilities

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