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Attack Surface Management

Move Fearlessly Forward

Make Shadow Cloud and Shadow IT a Thing of the Past

Take a proactive approach to securing your organization’s growing attack surface with Censys Attack Surface Management.

Gain full visibility into all of your external-facing assets, including those you didn’t even know were out there. Identify exposed and compromised assets, and prioritize and triage critical risks with valuable context. Eliminate Shadow IT, stay ahead of threats, and build more secure solutions with Censys.

See your attack surface in real time.

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Why Do Organizations Need Attack Surface Management?

Businesses are accelerating faster than the growth of their security teams.

Attack surfaces are expanding 110% year over year, but for every 100 developers within an organization, there’s typically just one dedicated security function. Digital transformation and the rise of Shadow IT adds to this complexity, which in turn increases threats and risk to the organization.

The reality is that attack surfaces have grown beyond the scope of what traditional security tools and practices can effectively manage. Many security professionals are simply unable to comprehensively discover, manage, and protect their rapidly growing attack surfaces.

Attack Surface Management addresses this gap as a forward-looking solution that can broadly, deeply, and relentlessly search and monitor an organization’s digital footprint, identifying and rating risks, and recommending clear remediation actions.

Did You Know?

of assets in an attack surface are potentially unknown.

84% Agreed

“84% of decision-makers reported that a solution that automates discovery and monitoring of their organizations’ external-facing assets for better risk management is very important.”

- Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

ASM 101

What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack Surface Management provides continuous, automated scanning and attribution of all an organization’s Internet-based assets. Censys Attack Surface Management uniquely identifies external assets your team may not even be aware of, empowering you to better manage all of your risks before attackers take action.

Our best-in-class Attack Surface Management provides a system of vigilant offense that constantly looks at everything from HTTP hosts to message brokers to remote desktop exposure to network printers. We seek potential breaches, shore up leaks in your protocols, and map any potential weak points.

Daily Asset Discovery:

Achieve near real-time visibility with daily updates to your attack surface.

Cloud Connections:

Get total visibility into the cloud and keep up with changes by the hour.

Click to Rescan:

Rescan any asset for its known services to “trust but verify” remediation work has been successful.

End-to-End Customer Control:

Manage every data point in your attack surface without filing support tickets or billing professional services hours.

Asset Inventory:

Search across your attack surface data with the agility and accuracy of a threat hunter leveraging 1400+ parsable data fields.

Rapid Response:

Understand your overall exposure to Zero-day and headline vulnerabilities in minutes instead of days or weeks.


Keep track of 2 years of changes to each asset, or your attack surface as a whole.
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Why Censys?

A system of vigilant offense.

For security professionals who protect the organization, Censys is the best at understanding exposures attackers will exploit.


Fastest asset discovery to eliminate false positives.


Deepest context for every asset to understand ownership, history, and configuration.


63% more coverage than nearest competitors.


Discovers 85% more services than the nearest competitor.

Use Cases for Censys Attack Surface Management

Cloud Asset Discovery

Gain a centralized and complete exposure inventory with Censys.

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Exposure and Risk Management

Stay ahead of the ever evolving threat landscape with a proactive security solution.

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Subsidiaries, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Instantly evaluate potential risks with actionable insights that protect your brand.

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Security Framework and Compliance

Censys provides the complete visibility, context and tools you need to be compliant.

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Why Customers Choose Censys for Attack Surface Management

  • Censys provides a good lens into things that we don’t know about. Censys was able to quickly discover multiple S3 storage buckets that were publicly accessible on the Internet and contained sensitive data.

    - Public Real Estate Company

  • Since implementation 6 months ago, we have done a mass clean up of what we thought was our Attack Surface make-up, this clean up work has resulted in a 71% reduction. We have also reduced our critical vulnerabilities by 7%, which is a great win for us.

    - Global Market Research Company

  • Being able to work with the API gave us new capabilities... because [API] customization exists, you have the possibility to extend the capabilities of Censys and the data.

    - European Government Agency

See your attack surface in real time.

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The most dangerous threat to any organization is that which is unknown and a great ASM tool helps illuminate the risks you never knew you had, like Shadow IT assets, S3 Bucket misconfigurations, and more. This current lack of visibility into imminent threats is why a combined 80% of cybersecurity decision-makers surveyed by Forrester are implementing or piloting an ASM solution in 2022.
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