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The 2023 State of Security Leadership


Exploring the Struggles of CISOs in a Shifting Digital Terrain

The job of the CISO has never been tougher. Between the recent uptick in ransomware attacks, Geopolitical tensions and nation-state sponsored espionage on the rise, and IT trends such as migration to the cloud, there is a LOT on the CISO’s plate.

How are CISOs able to hold it all together and protect both their assets and their teams’ wellbeing? It starts with understanding the key issues we are facing in cybersecurity today. We surveyed over 200 CISOs in the US, Europe and Australia to learn more.

Download the “The 2023 State of Security Leadership: Exploring the Struggles of CISOs in a Shifting Digital Terrain” report to learn the issues that are top of mind for security leaders, and what might put them at ease.

Key Findings Sneak Peek:

  • The threat outlook is not improving. 100% of our survey respondents reported that the cyber threat landscape is worse than the previous year.
  • The breadth of connected assets is largely unknown. Over 50% of respondents said better understanding their entire attack surface is their top priority for the next 12 months.
  • Geopolitics matter. 58% took defensive actions resulting from increased global tensions.
  • Cyber investment protection is mixed. Most respondents said their budgets for cyber spending are up.
  • Security teams may be close to hitting the wall. Respondents indicated significant concerns about the talent shortage and the toll being taken on incumbent staff.

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