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The Threat Profiler’s Playbook: 6 Steps to Uncovering Ransomware (& Other Nefarious Activity)

How much do you understand about the threats you uncover?

As a threat profiler, finding a potential threat is only half your battle. Your next task is making sure the threat is critically understood. In other words, how do you know it’s a threat, and how does it pose a risk?

The Censys Research team set out to tackle just that in our own threat profiling expedition. Using the Censys Search tool, we uncovered multiple hosts with Russian ransomware, and collected the evidence needed to say with reasonable confidence that the activity we found was nefarious.

You can read all about our profiling expedition – and learn how to apply our techniques to your own threat profiling efforts (wherever they may be focused) – in our new playbook for threat profilers!

In the playbook, you’ll find more on:

  • How to strategically focus your threat profiling efforts
  • How to leverage advanced internet intelligence tools like Censys Search
  • When to pivot your profiling investigation and follow new leads
  • Drawing conclusions about threats that are critically understood

Download your copy of the playbook today!

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