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Introducing Censys Search Solo – The IOT Search Engine

Empowering Individuals with Leading Internet Search Engine

Censys is excited to announce the launch of Censys Search Solo! Censys Search Solo is a new Search package for individual users looking to make the most of Censys’ IOT search engine. Censys Search Solo is ideal for individuals who need more than what our Censys Search Community version offers, but less than what is provided from the Censys Search Teams package.

As part of this launch, those interested in subscribing to a Censys Search Solo or Teams package can take advantage of convenient self-service sign-up.

Tailored to the Individual User

We’ve heard from Censys Search Community users who shared that they would like to take advantage of capabilities beyond what our Censys Search Community version offers. However, these users are sole proprietors who don’t require the search volume or the full feature set provided in advanced Censys Search packages, which are ideal for multiple users. To address this feedback, Censys wanted to introduce a new package that would better align with the needs of these highly-engaged individual users. We’re delighted to share that Censys Search Solo has been built to do just that!

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Censys Search Solo, IOT search engine package pricing

Why Choose Censys Search Solo?

Censys Search Solo gives users more ways to leverage our industry-leading IOT search engine. Users who upgrade from our Community version to our Solo package gain enhanced capabilities they can use to advance investigations in Censys Search. This makes the Solo tier ideal for cybersecurity practitioners, threat hunters (pro tips: use commercial honeypots and red herrings), or researchers who have outgrown the core capabilities offered in the Community package.

Key benefits of the Solo package include:

More Queries & Results: Users who upgrade to Censys Search Solo from our Community package double their monthly search limit. Solo users can run up to 500 queries a month. Queries run by Solo users will also return significantly more result pages (25 result pages) compared to those run by Community users, creating opportunities for more extensive data exploration and analysis.

Unlimited API Access: Solo users benefit from unlimited access to the Censys API. This is a notable upgrade from the 60-day API limit that’s available to Community users. API access makes it possible for users to conveniently integrate Censys data into their applications, scripts, or security tools. Solo users benefit from API access with a rate of 0.4 calls per second, which facilitates the automation of data retrieval and integration into various workflows.

Tags & Comments: Solo users will also have access to Censys Search’s tags and comments feature. Tags are custom markers that make it possible to quickly categorize and filter data based on custom fields. This allows users to efficiently navigate and organize the expansive dataset in Censys Search, making it easier to spot patterns, trends, and anomalies. Comments further extend this functionality by allowing users to annotate specific hosts or certificates with insights, context, or follow-up actions, creating a shared knowledge base directly within Search.

Matched Services: Solo users can further take advantage of matched services, a key benefit that facilitates clarity and precision in Search results. When users perform a search on a host with multiple services, matched services highlight exactly which services on the host meet the search criteria. This is especially useful when dealing with hosts that offer numerous services, as it helps users quickly pinpoint the relevant ones without manually sifting through all the services a host may run.

Essential Customer Support: Users who upgrade to our Solo package will benefit from access to our Essential Customer Support tier. This higher level of customer support ensures that Solo users receive assistance with any queries and concerns they may have.

Powered by the Censys Internet Map

The Censys Internet Map represents the ground truth internet intelligence that powers Censys Search. Our industry-leading data provides the most complete, contextual, and up-to-date index of the hosts and services on the internet. By choosing Censys Search Solo, users can dig deeper and uncover even more insights from our Internet Map data.

Censys Internet Map

I’m Interested! How Do I Sign-Up?

Visit the Search Plans & Pricing page to sign-up for Censys Search Solo or to learn more about all of our available packages. Current Censys Search Community users can upgrade their accounts right within the Censys Search tool by clicking on the “Upgrade Account” button on the Search home page.

Note: Signing up for a Censys Search Solo or Teams package is a fully self-service process! Follow the prompts to provide payment information and sign-up.


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