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Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways to Use Censys Search

Censys Search is used by cybersecurity practitioners from enterprises and governments around the world to launch investigations into cyber threats and pursue other cybersecurity initiatives.

That’s because to do their jobs well, practitioners need ground truth internet intelligence they can count on to be comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date. They can tap into internet intelligence that offers just that through the Censys Search tool.

With Censys Search, cybersecurity teams gain access to a treasure trove of internet intelligence they can use to guide their threat hunting investigations and other security efforts.

Check out our 10 Ways to Use Censys Search cheat sheet to learn more about how you can use our tool to accelerate your efforts.

What You’ll Learn:

Download the cheat sheet for examples of how to use Censys Search, including:

  • Identifying vulnerable services
  • Discover rogue assets
  • Finding devices with weak encryption
  • Identify malicious infrastructure

Access the full list by downloading your copy of the cheat sheet today!

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