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Navigating Your Threat Landscape with the Censys Internet Map

Your cybersecurity strategy is only as good as the data that drives it.

Yet for too long, security teams have worked with disparate, outdated internet intelligence that wastes time and creates security gaps. Consider that more than 60% of security professionals estimate their security function spends over three hours per day validating false positives.1

It’s time we do better. And we can.

Meet the Censys Internet Map: the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date map of global internet infrastructure available.

The Censys Internet Map scans 63% more services than the nearest competitor, and unlike other data sources, offers a deep, contextualized, attributed internet infrastructure map that supports multiple use cases.

The Censys Internet Map’s unique capabilities empower teams to stay a step ahead of threat actors.

  • Machine-learning based Predictive Scanning allows you to see all services (including those on non-standard ports)
  • Automatic protocol detection reduces the risk of false negatives
  • Parsed and indexed protocol fields make it easier to respond to incidents
  • Daily smart refreshes reduce false positives

Download the ebook to learn more about how the Censys Internet Map is helping enterprise organizations and governments around the world more effectively hunt for threats and manage their exposures.


1. InfoSecurity Europe

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