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US Critical Infrastructure Report: Oil & Natural Gas Pipeline


In May of 2021, the “FBI was notified of a network disruption at Colonial Pipeline.” The public later learned that this disruption was due to a ransomware attack perpetrated by the DarkSide ransomware gang. Their involvement was later confirmed by the FBI.

Censys saw the need to look at critical infrastructure as a whole and examined 11 oil and gas companies operating and based in the United States, with its Attack Surface Management platform. Censys found a total of 682 risks across the 11 Companies, which we break down further by threat type within our custom report.

This report sheds light not only on the security controls that all critical infrastructure entities should take but also highlights the real possibility of a synchronized attack by a coordinated and resourced threat group if action is not taken.

What You’ll Gain from the Report

  • Insight into the attack surfaces of  oil and gas critical infrastructure, breakdown and analysis of risks bytype
  • Tips on how to protect against an orchestrated effort that could cause mass disruption of oil and gas supply
  • Insight into how the Censys Attack Surface Platform works and how we were able to scan and identify risks for these critical infrastructure entities.

Who Would benefit from this Report

Security leadership and teams of oil and gas companies, cybersecurity experts within Federal agencies, and anyone trying to track and understand how to protect critical infrastructure and immediately respond to threats.

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