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Attack Surface Management

M&A and Subsidiary Risk Analysis

Let's see it all. Know the issues you need to resolve before they're yours.

Move forward with eyes wide open.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) provide growth-oriented strategies to rapidly expand offerings, customer base, and bottom line. However, coming together can be challenging from a systems, cultural, and technology point of view. Before the ink is dry, the risks to your organization may have grown exponentially. We’re here to help take the questions out of this new, exciting reality.

Let’s be complete.

Assess a potential acquisition’s security posture from the outside-in, throughout the due diligence process. Save time and money, while safeguarding your organization from acquiring a breach.

Did you know?
40% find risks

40% of acquiring companies engaged in an M&A transaction have discovered a cybersecurity problem during the post-acquisition integration of the acquired company.

Let’s move fast. And Secure.

Fast track your post-acquisition integration. Censys ASM provides instant and comprehensive visibility into your acquired attack surfaces so IT teams can proactively remediate newly inherited security risks and exposures without deployment or configuration. Remediate Internet weaknesses faster with a real-time view of your attack surfaces.

Let’s take immediate action.

Censys Attack Surface Management can also give your organization the power to manage the risks beyond M&A activity. Large multi-national organizations with large digital footprints can gain comprehensive visibility of Internet-facing assets belonging to you and your subsidiary lines of business.

With our ASM platform and Workspaces, keeping your perimeter secure only requires that you act on the risks reported to you through the platform.

See your attack surface in real time.

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