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Introducing Workspaces: Organize your attack surface for better insight and faster remediation

Get organized and make your organization’s attack surface work for you and your priorities with Censys’ ASM feature, Workspaces.

Attack surfaces are your company’s biggest (and most unwieldy) threat vector. It’s easy to understand why: Attack surfaces mirror the growth and complexity of companies as companies innovate and adapt to market forces. Cloud adoption, acquisition of another company, and a subsidiary company’s already established integration can all create deeper complexity of attack surfaces that require additional oversight and management.

Attack surfaces aren’t getting any simpler, which is why Censys is announcing a new feature for its Attack Surface Management platform (ASM): Workspaces. Workspaces give users the ability to quickly and easily segment different parts of a company’s attack surface for better visibility.

The external attack surfaces of your acquisitions and subsidiaries can harbor exploitable Internet weaknesses, including unknown assets, cloud misconfigurations, data leakages, end-of-life software, and more. Once uncovered, these weaknesses can inform your security strategy and remediation efforts.

More complexity in your attack surface isn’t a bad thing – it’s a natural progression for companies wanting to stay agile in their industry. As we automate IT processes and workflows, adopting an ASM tool that gives you the most accurate and complete inventory of your externally facing assets is a must.

Forty percent of companies who went through a merger and acquisition transaction experienced a cybersecurity problem post-acquisition. At Censys, we find unknown issues for customers routinely; in one instance, we found nearly 80% more assets than one Global 500 company had originally reported.

We employ our powerful, industry-leading scanning technology to discover unmanaged and unknown assets in real time. Paired with our unique, high-confidence attribution algorithm, you are guaranteed to discover comprehensive visibility of Internet-facing assets belonging to your attack surface. With our ASM platform and Workspaces, keeping your perimeter secure only requires that you act on the risks reported to you through the platform.

Knowing what to protect is fundamental to any security program. Censys provides a holistic view of all the internet-facing assets belonging to your new and existing companies, including unknown assets across cloud providers, so you can protect your organization from avoidable exposures or breaches.

Integrate Workspaces

With the addition of Workspaces, Censys ASM Platform continues to be a powerful tool to have for every security team. If you want to learn more about how Workspaces can make managing your attack surface easier, request a demo.

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