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Attack Surface Management

Cloud Security and Governance

Let's take control of your cloud. Shine a light on the depths of your attack surface.

Know your cloud. Own your cloud.

Moving to the cloud has unleashed organizational possibility. It has also amplified the age-old problem around ensuring you have confident inventory of all your assets and that they are secure. Censys can provide the blueprint.

Did you know?
2M exposures

Censys researchers have identified nearly 2 million database exposures across cloud providers.

Find it. All of it.

Censys Attack Surface Management instantly uncovers unknown cloud assets and identifies possible misconfigurations across all cloud providers. Now you can securely migrate them into managed accounts, to ensure governance over your organization’s cloud adoption.

Safeguard Cloud Services.

In that vast universe, it only takes one single misconfigured asset — like a storage bucket or database — to create a catastrophic data breach. Therefore, attack surface management cannot be a one-time discovery moment. It must lead to better clarity, control, and security.

Control Cloud Sprawl.

Cloud services present unique challenges for organizations because of their ease of access. Censys shines light on these unknown and unmanaged services giving you visibility into potential runaway costs of cloud adoption.

In this 20-minute podcast, you’ll learn about the emerging, cloud security technology Attack Surface Management (ASM): what it does, why it’s needed, and how companies should be operationalizing it. We’ll clarify the difference between this and existing technology, such as vendor risk management and vulnerability management, and highlight why the CloudSec community should look at how ASM can be integrated with their current strategy and tools. 

See your attack surface in real time.

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