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Exponential Growth in Attack Surfaces: Why It’s Happening & What You Can Do About It


Forrester surveyed 260 cybersecurity decision-makers about the future of the organization’s security needs and found:

  • Why 84% of decision-makers reported that a solution that automates discovery and monitoring of their organizations’ external-facing assets for better risk management is very important.
  • Over the next three years, 76% of respondents expected an increase in the number of cloud workloads, while 72% expected an increase in the number of hybrid workers and how to combat these pain points.

The message is clear: “Rapid digital transformation, an increase in cloud/hybrid workers, and a growing number of issued devices mean firms face an ever-growing, dynamic attack surface.”

Censys’ Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform has emerged as a tool uniquely poised to quickly tackle the challenge by utilizing a contextually rich, comprehensive historical dataset to give companies accurate insight into where their digital assets exist and what condition they’re in.

What you will learn from the Webinar:

  • Contributing factors to the rapid expansion of attack surfaces,
  • Which strategies cybersecurity leaders are prioritizing to deal with them, and
  • Why Attack Surface Management (ASM) is key in the digital transformation era


Zakir Durumeric, Co-Founder (Censys)

Jess Burns, Senior Analyst (Forrester)

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