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The Censys Way: Hiring a Remote Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted daily life. One of the biggest changes, and one that is likely to last well into the future, is the move to remote work. Millions of office workers across the United States went home and simply never returned to the office. They carried on from home–finding new remote jobs, moving to more desirable locations, upgrading their home office spaces.

And workers are loving the flexibility remote work allows for. The challenge for companies, now, is to keep their culture and ethos intact while making sure their benefits stay relevant during the “Great Reshuffling.”

Censys is tackling the remote-first approach head on–we’re planning for our workforce to remain almost entirely remote as the company grows. Our distributed workforce existed in the “before times,” where we’re constantly improving our remote work strategies rather than just beginning to implement them.

We’re prepared to hire wherever in the world we need to in order to hire the people who are going to take our company to new heights. Here’s what we’re doing right now to keep up our hiring momentum for remote, global talent:

  • Making plans (and a plan b) for Censys employees to stay connected. We put the wellbeing of our employees first, so company-wide events always have a remote option and can be reformatted for fully remote. We know staying connected is important for distributed employees and we encourage in-person gatherings with co-workers when it’s safe to do so.
  • Diversity and inclusion in everything we do. Culture permeates throughout the company; it’s not just the work of one committee. Between our DEI committee, leadership buy-in, and employee resource groups, diversity and inclusion is foundational to the culture at Censys. We also have recruiting initiatives for both our intern classes and FTE positions to create a diverse candidate pool that ultimately leads to a diverse workforce.
  • Robust onboarding to immerse you in Censys culture. Your first week at Censys will be a whirlwind of meeting teams across the organization. That warm welcome you felt from our recruiting team is a facet of all Censys teams. Showing up as your full, authentic self is encouraged from the start.
  • Defining what asynchronous and flexible work means to us. These new buzzwords made a beaming entrance into our working worlds in 2020, and many companies define them differently. It’s important employees know what this means to us and what we expect from them.

Censys Culture At a Glance

  • Slack Bots are our friends. Our Donut bot keeps employees from across teams connected and Zbot makes sure we can give a virtual high-five whenever the occasion arises.
  • Monthly remote tech stipend. From mechanical keyboards to standing mats, you have a monthly stipend to keep your home office just how you like it.
  • Weekly Happy Hours and Celebrations. We host a weekly all company happy hour to decompress with our coworkers and make social connections.
  • Flexible PTO and work schedule. Our flexible PTO policy ensures you can stay home with a sick kid, take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, or give yourself a day off after an intense week. Our employees report from multiple time zones so setting a flexible work schedule is key.

Our benefits reflect our company values and we’re always looking to implement strategies and tools that help our distributed teams work to the best of their ability, which means taking the time to rest and recharge, too. Join our growing team–check out our job postings at Censys!

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Kirsten Gibson
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Kirsten Gibson was the content marketing manager for Censys. She specializes in the unique intersection of writing, marketing, & cybersecurity.
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