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Research With Users Drives Design at Censys

One huge key to developing best-in-class products is involving users’ feedback constantly in the design process. This lets us stay focused on ensuring our platform is both useful and easy to use.

Censys takes this seriously. Our UX research program employs user interviews and early concept discussions with cybersecurity professionals to make sure what we’re developing makes sense and will help customers accomplish the tasks they need to do. This gives participants an early voice providing feedback about their needs and our design approaches.

We also do many scheduled half-hour, individual usability testing sessions with users who try our prototypes to confirm that the tools really are easy to use. Using Zoom remotely, we’re able to include participants from different locations and organizations with various job roles. Each session has specific research goals, but we always expand our understanding of our users’ needs along the way, contributing to our empathy around their goals and pain points.

Our design team incorporates the findings into their next designs. Additionally, the research team shares lessons widely across the engineering and product teams.

We’re always seeking participants for our UX studies. Most take just a few minutes, and there’s no ongoing commitment, although it’s not uncommon for some participants to take part repeatedly. As a plus, there’s an Amazon gift card after each session as a token of our thanks.

How Can I Take Part in UX studies?

We’d love for you to participate. It’s super easy. Just send an email with your job role and organization to We’ll invite you to an upcoming study.

Common questions

Am I suited to be participant?

Cybersecurity professionals are almost always great interviewees or testers. We have included everyone from CISOs to InfoSec analysts, as our research objectives vary.

Are there any preparations I need to do?

None; after we schedule a session with you, just come to the Zoom meeting!

Will I be expected to show my data or screens?

No. Our testing is done on clickable prototypes or sandboxed testing accounts at Censys. We would never compromise your security.

Is my feedback shared outside Censys? 

The vast majority of our feedback goes straight to our product and engineering teams for development. Sometimes we reference anonymized aggregate findings in other venues. Our participants sign a one-page NDA/Consent to Record form to protect them as well as Censys’ designs.

Are all of the sessions a half hour?

The majority are, but some are 45 minutes or an hour. We’re explicit about how long the session is when scheduling.

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