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User Resources: How to Get Started in Censys Search


Make the most of Censys Search with helpful resources from our Getting Started library! On the Censys Search home page, you can now access a library of curated resources focused on how to leverage Censys Search. Whether you’re brand new to Censys Search or are a more seasoned user, our Getting Started resources are designed to help you maximize your use of the tool on an ongoing basis.

Just what can you find within our Getting Started library? Head on over to and click on the “Getting Started” button to follow along.

Quick Start Guides

Cruise through essential Censys Search 101 materials to learn more about writing Censys Search queries. Discover how to run searches using our query language, read up on Search query fundamentals, and check out a cheat sheet of some of the most commonly used queries.

Bonus: Have you seen our Censys Search Host Queries chart? Find linked queries grouped by focus area, including queries for certificates, locations, autonomous systems, services, and labels.

Censys Search Basics

There’s a lot to discover in Censys Search. After all, the data available in our tool represents the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate view of global internet infrastructure available. You can learn more about what kind of data we provide, and how to access it, from introductory articles about our:

In this Basics section you can also find documentation on things like how to get started with our API, as well as a troubleshooting Q&A guide.

Ebooks & Reports

Find fresh inspiration from ebooks and reports focused on Censys Search. Read about how our own research team has used Censys Search to track exposures across the internet, hunt for unusual internet artifacts, and analyze the extent to which our modern internet is, and is not, becoming more secure.

Censys Recommendation: Given the holiday season is upon us, might we suggest starting with our Cooking Up Queries with Censys Search ebook? Within, you’ll find query “recipes” you can run in Censys Search, along with actual (food) recipes you can treat your holiday guests to, courtesy of the home chefs at Censys.

Censys Search Advanced

More experienced Censys Search users can access next-level tips and insights – including instructions for how to compose RegEx queries – in the Censys Search Advanced section. You can also read up on how our research team used Censys Search to learn more about red herrings and honeypots. And, in our 6 Steps to Uncovering Ransomware ebook, you can follow along as we describe how our team Censys Search conducted a threat hunting investigation that turned up credible evidence of Russian ransomware.

Censys Workshop

We’re always up to something at Censys. Check out the latest and greatest Censys Search innovations that are in-progress or in beta mode with a visit to the Censys Workshop. Test out current innovations, including our revolutionary CensysGPT tool, which converts competitor queries into Censys queries, and our interactive Map to Censys Beta, which allows you to interact with geographical datasets with easy visualization.

Map to Censys Search

Try out our new Map to Censys Beta feature to run queries by geographic location. 

Full Product Lineup

There’s more to explore! If you’re a Censys Search Community user, you can upgrade to an advanced Censys Search package to increase your query limits, gain access to greater host history, run more advanced queries, and take advantage of more capabilities. If you’re a part of a small team with multiple Censys Search users, you might be interested in our new Censys Search Teams package. This package is specifically designed to give small teams the access level that best fits their needs.


We’re all about ensuring our users can make the most of Censys Search, and we hope our Getting Started resources can help you do just that! Be sure to check back in to the Getting Started page as more resources are added and updated. You can find additional content about Censys Search and other cybersecurity thought leadership on our website’s Resources Hub.

Happy searching!

Get Started in Censys Search 


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