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Dorking the Internet: Unlocking Secrets in Open Directories

The Censys Research Team is taking a closer look at open directories – an exposure type that has long plagued organizations and benefited attackers.

Open directories are directory listings that appear when an index.html file isn’t found. Though enabled by network administrators for a practical purpose, these directories can also give hackers a roadmap to organizations’ sensitive data, exposing how files are labeled and organized.

Censys research previously identified numerous hosts serving (potentially) sensitive data from HTTP servers with directory listings enabled.

In this new research report, we use our advanced internet intelligence to go beyond the landing pages of open directories and delve deeper into these exposures.

What You’ll Learn

Download the report to learn more about our findings, including:

  • Why this old problem is still going strong in 2023, even as organizations work to strengthen their security posture
  • The scope of files with potentially sensitive data exposed via open directories
  • Why attempts to make directory listings harder to enable may be coming up short
  • How to use the Censys Search tool to uncover exposed files in your organization’s own network

Use the report to inform your understanding of open directories and the security risk they can pose to your organization.

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