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Inside Censys

Our Purpose

At Censys, we work relentlessly to make the internet a secure place for everyone.

Our Mission

Censys takes the guesswork out of understanding and protecting an organization’s digital footprint. By providing a comprehensive profile of the IT assets we find on the internet, we empower enterprises with the tools and insights to manage their attack surface effectively, without compromising the speed of the business.

We do this by simplifying the complexities of managing attack surfaces, unearthing and contextualizing digital risks, and enabling teams to remove the uncertainty and doubt from cybersecurity so that businesses, people, and our communities can innovate and move forward without fear.

What do I love most? Tough call; split between ‘The impact my contributions can have on the Internet’ and ‘My amazing colleagues’!

Censys Employee
Feb 2022 Survey

Our Vision

Censys is on the forefront of providing defenders with the visibility and insights they need to protect themselves, to stay ahead of attackers, and to build more secure solutions.

A secure internet starts with Censys.

At Censys, we are always searching for ways to improve how we approach remote work, but we already have strong initiatives embedded in our company culture. From Slack bots to an ad-hoc diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, Censys is committed to helping our distributed teams work to the best of their ability.
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