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Data-driven Approaches to Finding Misconfiguration across Cloud Providers

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Leveraging Censys to Understand Cloud Misconfigurations

We all know the top 3-5 cloud providers across our environment, but what about the rest?  When surveyed, 6% of companies thought they had a multi-cloud environment, but on average a whopping 92% were multi-cloud.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Censys Labs leveraged data to understand misconfigurations & the rate of exposure across the Internet.
  • What ShadowCloudTM is and how to obtain a continuous & holistic picture of all your organization’s cloud
  • Analysis and insights to support CISOs improve their visibility across Internet-facing assets.
  • How to shift the reins of power back to your org with tooling that enables you to find your own system of external records before any hackers can.


Inspired by the preliminary analysis of Fortune 500 companies, we decided to take a closer look at a variety of cloud providers and the prevalence of misconfiguration of services like RDP, SMB, and MySQL. We also wanted to see how our Dataset and tooling could help monitor this constantly evolving system.

The findings were noteworthy and we can’t wait to share them! We will also be releasing a more in-depth Report about Understanding Cloud Misconfigurations that you can signup to receive once published.

This webinar will be diving headfirst into the world of cloud, by leveraging our incredible visibility of the Internet. As a result of living in a very cloud-oriented ecosystem, we have embraced the full power and diversity of public cloud infrastructure, but organizations still lack the required visibility to make evidence-based risk management decisions.


Megan DeBlois, Security Research Lead (Censys)

Michael Lopez, Senior Software Engineer (Censys)

Who Should Attend

  • CISOs and Security Leaders who want to gain a deeper understanding of the prevalence of misconfiguration by looking at Internet-wide data.

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