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2021 Summer Intern Cohort learns Equity, Agile Environments, Coding and More

As the world navigated a post-pandemic reality, the Censys team remotely welcomed a brilliant cohort of summer interns representing five states and six universities across the country. Our six interns embraced our fast-paced start-up environment and had a tangible impact on many aspects of the organization. Projects ranged from technical writing and research to our attack surface management platform to improving the data that fuels our searches.

Our top priority with every cohort is to provide an immersive experience at an early-stage cybersecurity start-up. This included professional development sessions like Equity 101, Introduction to Agile Environments and Career Paths Lunch and Learns, among other sessions. Each intern was also supported by a mentor and a manager to provide guidance and encouragement throughout the program. We also had a lot of fun, like jumping into a serious game of virtual Escape Room, Pride Trivia and an onsite Hack-A-Thon in Ann Arbor.

Our 2021 cohort fearlessly tackled their internships this summer. We’re so excited to share a snapshot of their summer experiences

Amanda H

Incoming Georgia Tech PhD Candidate. Former SWE President. Two Time Censys Intern.

“The impact of work is what makes Censys stand out the most. After just one summer internship it’s easy to talk about all the things you’ve accomplished and it’s pretty impressive, especially since online security is such a big deal these days.”

Caleb F

Auburn University Senior. Auburn Football and Basketball Fan. Surf and Skateboard Wizard.

“The experience is what you make it. If there is a specific skill or technology you would like to learn, reach out to an expert who can provide resources and learning opportunities. Don’t be afraid to reach out to pair on tasks or get someones insight on how a specific system works”

Houlton M

Rising Junior at UNC-Chapel Hill. Sand Soccer Hobbyist. Dog Dad to Mick-Mac.

“One of my favorite things about working at Censys has been the visibility into the entire company. I’ve been able to watch the product, marketing, and sales unfold as I develop features and in turn be able to see those features get incorporated into the broader company’s goals.”

Joseph B

Masters Candidate at Northeastern University. Video Game Competitor. Lasagna Connoisseur.

“Being able to work closely with folks in a field entirely different from your own can be really valuable when you’re early in your career and trying to identify what career and work environment works best for you.”


Student at Drexel University. Cybersecurity and AI Advocate. Two Time Censys Intern.

“I think it’s really important for interns to be actually involved. A lot of my friends ended up in internships where they work on theoretical projects just to keep themselves busy. But here we are working on production code daily and I think that comes with being a part of a startup”


University of Michigan Student. California native. Cybersecurity Connoisseur.

“The focus for the organization as a whole should resonate with you, whether it’s an emphasis on results, learning, teamwork, or any other characteristics that fuel your motivation.”

We are so grateful for the hard work and dedication from each of our interns. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this school year and can’t wait to have you on the team again!

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