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Webinar: Are you Multi-Cloud? Are you Sure?

Why spend 35 minutes watching this webinar?

  • People expect to see assets in 3-5 clouds, and they are seeing 19 unique cloud providers.
  • There’s very real anxiety with everyone working from home. We’re seeing a lot of changes in the attack surface.
  • Internet scan data is great to go ‘fishing for the phishers.’
  • The top 2 biggest security challenges are: 1) Complexity of IT environment and 2) Changing / Evolving nature of IT threats, both internal and external, as reported in the Forrester Security Survey.
  • By the time you figure out every asset you have and record it’s location, your infrastructure has already changed.


Morgan Princing
Censys Sr Solutions Engineer

Josh Zelonis, Forrester
Principal Analyst Serving Security & Risks Professional

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