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The Results Are Clear: Censys Finds New Services Faster Than Nearest Competitor

Security teams need to be able to quickly and accurately identify new services and potential threats. That’s why rapid discovery of new services is an important gauge for evaluating any internet scanner or intelligence source.

Measuring Rapid Discovery: Censys vs. Nearest Competitor

To assess our own rapid discovery of new services, the Censys Research Team measured how fast our scanning engine detects newly opened “common” ports on internet-facing hosts when compared to the competition. Censys deployed over 300 honeypots across various regions in Google Cloud and measured how quickly Censys and the competitor found those hosts.

Censys Outperforms on Coverage & Time-to-Discovery

The results from this experiment reveal that Censys outperforms the competition in two key ways:

  1. Coverage: Censys discovered 100% of all services within a week, outperforming the competitor, which on average only detected 57% in the same timeframe.
  2. Time to Discovery: Censys outpaced the competitor in discovery, uncovering new services in nearly one-sixth of the time it took the competitor on average.

Read the research to learn more about how Censys compares to the competition!

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