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The Censys Threat Busters and the Malware Slime Showdown

Who you gonna call when things go bump in the night (or on your attack surface?) Threat Busters!

In this Ghostbusters-inspired comic, discover how the Censys Threat Busters’ superior internet intelligence makes it possible for cybersecurity teams to defend against even the most frightening of threats.

A Can’t-Miss Cyber Story

When a security analyst discovers that a slimy, code-eating virus has taken over her computer, she must find a way to regain control – before it infects her organization’s entire network!

As the virus comes to life and wreaks havoc, dining on data and leaving a trail of neon green slime in its wake, the analyst remembers a team that’s perfect for the job: The Censys Threat Busters.

Follow along as the analyst teams up with the Censys Threat Busters to stop this menacing virus in its tracks, using an unmatched view of global internet infrastructure.

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