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The State of Indiana LSA Partners with Censys ASM

Since the start of the pandemic and with the great migration to remote work, The State of Indiana Legislative Services Agency (LSA) found they didn’t have enough manpower to keep track of their attack surface. In need of a tool to gain greater visibility into their remote workforce and cloud migration, they partnered with Censys to find a solution.

In this case study, you’ll read how the State of Indiana LSA used the Home Network Risk Identifier and the Censys Attack Surface Management Platform to:

  • Gain greater visibility into employees logging in and their impact on the environment outside of the firewall
  • Automate their risk management processes and save their security team time
  • Track cloud assets overtime and identify potential security risks
  • Continuously monitor servers for misconfigurations such as unintended port exposures

Do you have similar pain points? Talk to one of our experts to see how we can operationalize ASM for your security team.

*State of Indiana LSA received a promotional benefit for participating and LSA participation does not represent a warranty or other endorsement of any specific service or product

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