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Operationalize Risk Management with Improved Visibility


We worked hard to bring you our new and improved Universal Internet DataSet (UIDS) to enhance the visibility, accuracy and confidence of your risk management program within your organization. We have improved our scan frequency, port exposure identification, and gained significant perspective on the Internet to deliver the best view of your assets.

This view translates into even deeper insights into your attack surface so that you can build better defenses around your organization. Overall, this will enable your security teams to operationalize a more adaptive Security program and respond faster to critical issues and potential vulnerabilities.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use our new Universal Internet DataSet to help identify software and operating systems
  • Best practice for improving your Risk Management program
  • Uncover blind spots and prioritize risks by increasing visibility into services running non-standard ports
  • Improve your overall risk management function within the organization


Ben Wireman, Software Engineer (Censys)

Mike Toole, IT/Security Manager (Censys)

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Threat Hunters
  • Security Practitioners
  • Anyone looking to improve their risk management function

For more info check out our blog and subscribe to our Twitter feed @censysio.

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