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Connect with us at RSA and get an Apple MagSafe Battery Pack!

Let’s Connect at RSA

Moscone Center | San Francisco
Booth Number: 4514

Let’s talk attack surfaces at RSA!

Did you know that up to 80% of an enterprise’s external assets are unknown? From open ports to spun-up cloud accounts, many assets become public facing without organizations being aware. Censys’ Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool scans the internet continuously, identifying, inventorying, and classifying risks for remediation of unintentionally public-facing assets all before they can become a greater problem.

It’s something we’re very passionate about – keeping the internet relentlessly secure for everyone. Censys ASM can empower your team to be proactive – not reactive – to threats. A visit to our booth will be worth your time.

At RSA, we’ll be:

  • Hanging out at Booth 4514 for impromptu chats and demos.
  • Running custom Attack Surface Reports. What’s that? We use your data to show you exactly what’s ”out there” and a potential risk for your organization. You’d be surprised what’s out there!
  • Offering top notch giveaways – just drop by our booth and get your badge scanned to be entered to win.

If you schedule a meeting with us ahead of time, you’ll get a complimentary Apple MagSafe battery pack. No strings attached, let us show you what we can find.

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Attending RSA? Let’s meet!

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