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Introducing the Censys SaaS Platform

Visibility to all Assets & Security Insights to Protect from Exposure

Censys is proud to announce the commercial availability and official launch of our new SaaS Platform, providing organizations a vast and complete inventory of all assets on the internet and enabling them to understand exposure and prevent breaches. Since the announcement of our Beta program at Black Hat back in August, we’ve been busy working closely with our design partners, gathering feedback on usability, functionality and value.  The Censys Team has spent the past 12 weeks furiously prioritizing, designing, developing and deploying the features most valued by the design partners.

Our design partners span various verticals, including Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Retail, Insurance, Information Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, Wealth Management, and more.  While their missions and customers look very different from each other, they all share the same common struggles:

  • No matter the security processes in place or how modern the IT organization is, it’s very difficult to routinely track all of the software & cloud assets and services your business uses in a single place. As a result, our clients all discover unknown assets that are live on the internet, including shadow IT.
  • They need to understand all of the externally facing vulnerabilities that exist for their organization
  • Security organizations need a full audit trail of every change in their assets over time

The Censys SaaS Platform has been delivering value to our design partners by reducing the vast and sprawling inventory of all of the hosts on the internet down to show clients what belongs to them; including a full audit trail of every change on their public-facing assets.  With that, we provide security insights that affect their public facing assets, including flagging risky software misconfigurations, suspicious assets, and recently changed or added assets. The Platform also provides a constantly-updated view of their assets, enabling investigation and reporting with ease.

Censys SaaS Platform Features


Logbook shows you a timeline view of network and asset change events. When someone spins up a host anywhere in the world that is connected to your organization in any way, Censys detects that host and reports it in the timeline view.

Integrates with your SIEM

Get notifications in your existing workflow. Logbook integrates with your SIEM, orchestrations, and ticketing tools.

Rich & Vast Data

The Censys SaaS Platform is built on our data, which contains the largest certificate repository on earth and unparalleled internet-wide views into well over 1000 ports and services.

Are you ready to discover your public facing assets and assess your exposure?  Censys can help!

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