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How the Cloud Has Changed Your Attack Surface

The talk is live! Hear how Cloud has changed the attack surface for Twilio’s Aaron Stanley, Head of Global Cybersecurity and Michael Hanley, Chief Security Officer at Github. The talk is facilitated by Cenyss Co-Founder, Stanford Professor and Zmap inventor Zakir Dumueric so don’t miss out on this valuable information.


Cloud security has gone from an emerging security concern to a burning priority for every CISO in the industry. The high-speed digital transformations and migrations of 2020 have exacerbated issues like tracking and protecting all your assets in the cloud. Most security teams know they lack complete cloud visibility, leaving accounts and assets vulnerable to data breaches, malware, ransomware, and more. Hear how CISOs are automating their attack surface discovery in the cloud and beyond with Censys and using the Cloud Security platform to:

  • Detect exposed services in the cloud, like databases
  • Find exposed storage buckets
  • Discover unmanaged cloud assets
  • Better cloud visibility
  • Strengthen their security program


Zakir Durumeric, Co-Founder (Censys)

Aaron Stanley, Head of Global Cybersecurity (Twilio)

Michael Hanley, Chief Security Officer (Github)

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