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Executive Summary – Total Economic Impact™ of Censys External Attack Surface Management


September 14, 2023

Did you know that the average Censys EASM customer experiences a 70% reduction in false positives? And that they achieve asset assessment efficiencies of 30% over three years?

In the Total Economic Impact™ of Censys External Attack Surface Management commissioned by Censys, Forrester Consulting conducted an independent study of Censys customers to evaluate the quantifiable business benefits that Censys EASM delivers.

If you’ve been looking for ROI metrics to inform your EASM decision – or simply want to learn more about how companies benefit from EASM – this study is for you!

What You’ll Gain from the Executive Summary

  • Download the summary to learn more about the cost, time, and resource savings associated with Censys EASM’s ability to:
  • Increase asset discovery efficiency
  • Reduce time to risk remediation
  • Eliminate need for special M&A asset discovery projects
  • Decrease the likelihood of a breach
  • Improve asset assessment
  • Reduce the occurrence of false positives

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