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Episode Three: The Internet’s Response to Major Vulnerabilities

Check out Episode 3 of our four-part webinar series, in which we unpack findings from our 2022 State of the Internet Report. In this episode, Censys Research Scientist Emily Austin dives deep into the Internet’s response to the three major vulnerabilities uncovered in our report.

Stream the webinar to learn more about:

  • How Censys tracked three major recent Internet vulnerabilities (Log4Shell, GitLab Server, Confluence)
  • Whether devices were patched or simply taken offline in response to the threats
  • How long it took each vulnerability to be addressed
  • Reducing the time between vulnerability disclosure and upgrades

The 2022 State Of the Internet Report, authored by the Censys Research Team, evaluates the presence of various risks and vulnerabilities across random samples of 2.2 million hosts from November 30, 2021, and 2 million hosts on June 10, 2022, all drawn from our Internet-wide scan data.

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