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Did you know that up to 80% of an enterprise’s external assets are unknown? From open ports to spun-up cloud accounts, many assets become public-facing without organizations being aware. Censys’ Attack Surface Management (ASM) tool scans the internet continuously – identifying, inventorying, and classifying risks for remediation of unintentionally public-facing assets, all before they can become a greater problem.

Keeping the internet relentlessly secure for everyone – it’s something we’re very passionate about. Censys ASM can empower your team to be proactive – not reactive – to threats. A visit to our booth will be worth your time.

A meeting with us at Forrester Security & Risk will get you:

  • A peek into your organization’s attack surface from an attacker’s point of view
  • A customized ASM Report post event that prioritizes your top external attack surface
  • A VIP invite to our Happy Hour at McNamara’s
  • A DoorDash gift card on us (because you deserve it)

Attending Forrester? Let's Meet!

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