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Censys Design Partnership Program


What is a Design Partnership?

The Product and UX teams at Censys constantly seek to understand how our products impact people in the real world and where we can improve. Design Partners get the opportunity to be a part of the Censys team by working directly with Product and UX as strategic partners. We open the doors for folks to share their ideas and domain expertise to build better experiences together.

The Design Partnership Program allows the Censys team to better understand the industry’s challenges, opportunities, and needs. We want to learn from you how our products can make your life easier!

Why join the Design Partnership Program?

  1. Impact: Get the opportunity to give product feedback and shape the next iteration of the user experience.
  2. Sneak Peeks: Preview future product improvements and get early access to test out new experiences.
  3. Innovate: Share ideas and expertise to shape the future of ASM and build tools that better the security industry.

Who is an ideal Design Partner?

  • Industry experts looking to better understand their external attack surface and measure the efforts around managing that attack surface
  • Practitioners looking to find unknown assets and remediate any risks within their external attack surface
  • Any Censys Search free user

How does the Design Partnership work?

What to expect during the engagement:

  1. Determine Partnership Fit. The Product and UX team will determine if it makes sense to engage in a partnership to ensure we are respectful of everyone’s time. We want to ensure we are actively collaborating with folks who are interested in tackling attack surface management problems as a team.
  2. Meet the Team. Design Partners will have an introductory meeting with members of the Product and UX teams to learn about roles, responsibilities, needs, and product areas of interest for our partners. We want to understand how our products can make your life easier, and curate creative design activities to the unique needs of each partnership.
  3. Participate in Design Thinking Activities. The UX team will plan the agenda for each subsequent design partnership meeting. Each partnership is unique and the UX team will tailor each touchpoint to the specific needs of each Design Partner. We want to invite folks into the design process and learn about how our Design Partners interact with our existing workflows to understand where to improve.Activities can include:
    1. Usability testing
    2. Product walkthroughs
    3. Journey mapping
    4. A/B testing
    5. Surveys
    6. Contextual inquiries
    7. Concept testing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the feedback live?

All Design Partnership feedback will live internally. Only folks at Censys will be able to access that feedback unless Censys has the written consent of the Design Partner to share anything outside of Censys.

2. What is the time commitment?

The ideal Design Partner will meet with the Censys Product and UX team for 1 – 2 hours each month and the duration of the Design Partnership will vary. Censys will always work to find a cadence of touchpoints that works with our partners’ schedules and desired level of participation.

3. What if I want to pause or opt-out?

Censys will always respect our partners’ time and we never want to add extra work to anyone’s plate. The option to pause or opt out will always be available at any point.

Interested in learning more about the Censys Design Partnership Program? Contact us below.

Design Partnership Program

About the Author

Marissa Henri
Manager, UX Design
Marissa currently manages UX Design at Censys, after having built the design function for the company from scratch. Her area of expertise is designing for technical enterprise SaaS software.
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