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Celebrating Women’s Empowerment: A Closer Look at WACKAS’ Women’s History Month Events

At Censys, diversity and inclusivity aren’t just buzzwords, we hold ourselves accountable. We’re proud to have an inclusive Women’s Employee Resource Group, WACKAS, internally known as ‘Women at Censys Kick Ass’, that is dedicated to supporting and uplifting women in the workplace. WACKAS was founded by women to support Women+ in the cybersecurity industry.

This past Women’s History Month, WACKAS organized a series of events to celebrate women’s achievements and foster a greater sense of community among our employees!

Here’s a closer look at some of the key events:

Watch & Discuss Sessions:

Throughout the month, WACKAS hosted Watch and Discuss sessions open to all Censys employees, covering a range of topics relevant to women in the workplace.

One session, presented by Lean In, focused on debunking common myths that hold women back in their careers. Another session, Breaking the Cyber Glass Ceiling: International Women’s Day Panel, hosted by LinkedIn, tackled the challenges of breaking the glass ceiling in male-dominated industries, such as cybersecurity.

These discussions provided valuable insights and practical advice for women looking to advance their careers while sharing the importance of mentorship and allyship in driving meaningful change.

Internal Spotlights:

In addition to our Watch and Discuss Sessions, WACKAS did spotlights on the remarkable women within Censys. Through internal spotlights, we highlighted the achievements and contributions of women in various departments, including Research and Development and the EMEA region. Our Research and Development event, The Women of R&D, was hosted by our very own VP of Engineering, Eirik Herskedal. This event was a special opportunity to share the invaluable contributions of our talented Women+ colleagues.

We also hosted a virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the unique talents of our awesome WACKAS members. This event was filled with laughter, cheers, and a whole lot of love for the incredible women.

Guest Speaker Event:

As part of Women’s History Month celebrations, WACKAS’s own, Morgan Princing, invited a guest speaker, Chris Kubecka, CEO of HypaSec and a cybersecurity industry legend, to share her insights and experiences with the Censys team. Kubecka’s engaging fireside chat explored topics such as her experience as a woman exploring the cyber field, how she uses Censys in her work today, her groundbreaking contributions to the cyber industry, and the importance of diversity in the cybersecurity industry. Kubecka took the time to introduce us to new and notable Women+ making strides in the cybersecurity industry that should be on everyone’s radars. Her compelling stories and practical advice resonated with attendees, highlighting the significance of women’s voices in cybersecurity and beyond.

The Women’s History Month events at Censys were a hit! We saw strong participation in discussions, not just from the women at Censys (aka WACKAS!) but from the entire organization. It wasn’t just about learning new stuff – although that was part of it. It was also about making connections and building relationships with team members from different parts of the company.

Thanks to the WACKAS group and co-leads Jaymie Anderson and Fawna Tucker, we had great opportunities to chat, learn, and empower each other. It’s all about creating a culture where everyone feels welcome and supported!

Censys can’t wait to see what other Employee Resource Groups have in store for the rest of the year!

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