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New to ASM Platform: Dashboard, on-demand remediation validation and integrations


We are happy to announce a feature release that includes a new dashboard, on-demand remediation validation, and integrations for Jira and for our Attack Surface Management (ASM) platform. The release and improvements came from prioritizing user experience and working customer feedback into development for the ASM platform.

  1. One of the coolest features for us, and one that really makes us different from our competitors, is the on-demand remediation validation. Service exposures, such as RDP or databases, are rampant across organizations, especially in the cloud. Database exposures lead to data breaches, and RDP can account for up to 70 to 80% of network breaches. Quick and easy remediation and validation is key for large, distributed enterprise companies.Suppose a security team finds an exposed RDP, a service often associated with ransomware attacks. The team would want to remediate and verify the fix as quickly as possible. The new on-demand remediation validation feature is a one-click step for the security team to ensure the RDP exposure was fixed. This feature also includes a last scanned timestamp for clear communication to other team members.

  1. The new dashboard will allow customers to better and more quickly understand their risks by separating them by environment, instead of seeing a view of ALL risks. Teams will now see a preview of where their risks are based on an organization’s cloud environment(s), shared infrastructure, and other, additional infrastructure, so that you can prioritize where to begin remediation and who on your team is responsible based on the digital environment.
  2. We also integrated two pertinent IT tools to pair with already standardized workflows for security teams. If a risk is identified and a task assigned, a ticket can easily be created from the platform with the new integrations for Jira. Additionally, with the integration, relevant assets found by the Censys ASM platform can be pushed to, a vulnerability management tool, for further analysis.

With the addition of these features, Censys ASM Platform continues to be a powerful tool to have for every security team. To learn more or see a demo of the Censys ASM platform, please visit

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