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Attack Surface Management 101: Your Guide to Total Visibility

About this guide:

No matter how skilled or equipped your security team is, they cannot know everything. Especially when it comes to knowing the enterprise assets that currently exist on the internet and how risky that existence is. While solutions for discovering assets exist, like CSPM, VM, CAASM, CASB, and SRS, they do not offer complete 360° visibility into every single threat. That’s where Attack Surface Management (ASM) comes in.

ASM fills in the gaps and the missing pieces of current threat detection solutions. Your attack surface refers to all of your assets that store your data – from hardware to software – that are accessible from the internet. In this guide, we’ll take you through how an ASM solution complements an existing security stack by providing comprehensive, real-time internet attack surface discovery and scan data to help security teams clearly see their digital risk and exposure.

What you’ll learn:

      • The definition and elements of Attack Surface Management
      • The challenges experienced by security teams
      • Important trends in the threat landscape
      • How ASM integrates into your security stack

Who should read this:

This guide is a must-read for security leaders who want to identify and manage the risk of their entire attack surface, and learn how ASM increases the performance of other security tools.

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