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Case Studies

How an International Real Estate Company Leverages Censys ASM for Cloud Asset Discovery

We chose Censys over a competitor because it provided the rich data we needed.”

Manager of Cybersecurity, Public Real Estate Company.

The Problem:

A publicly traded real estate company needed to uncover Internet-facing security risks stemming from both cloud and on-prem assets. With over 50,000 employees, a lean security team, and multiple subsidiaries, the company struggled to comprehensively inventory and quickly patch Internet assets.

The Goal:

Discover assets that their security team had missed and provide a comprehensive Internet asset inventory across the entire company.

The Outcome:

Using Censys Attack Surface Management Platform and Cloud Security this Real Estate company was able to:

  • Discover more than 600 cloud assets outside of monitored accounts, 80% more than what the company previously believed was online
  • Identify dozens of unintentionally exposed cloud storage buckets to the public and one bucket with its permissions publicly configurable.
  • Censys revealed an exponential amount of new risks on previously unknown assets, including deprecated protocols, protocol misconfigurations, and vulnerable end-of-life software

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