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Attack Surface Management: Post-COVID Impact

Presented by our Round Table of Women in Cyber Security

We’ve gathered a round table of security experts and our distinguished guest, Chris Kubecka, CEO of HypaSec & winner of the 2020 Hacker of the Year Award, to discuss the rapidly expanding Attack Surfaces of organizations due to COVID.

Stream this webinar to hear Censys data on what has changed most with the shift to remote work and what challenges you can address first to stay in compliance and control of your assets and attack surface.

We’ll also be offering a free demo & report of your attack surface to help support information security practitioners and CISOs in the healthcare industry during this time.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand how and why attack surfaces are exploding in size, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit
  • Discuss how CISOs and their organizations are dealing with this explosive growth, and the challenges they are facing
  • Learn how to get a full inventory of your organizations’ assets, how to prioritize risks, and how to remediate them


Chris Kubecka, CEO (HypaSec)

Alexis Culp, Principal Solutions Engineer (Censys)

Morgan Princing, Senior Solutions Engineer (Censys)

Yasmine Frigui, Software Engineer (Censys)

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Anyone responsible for or interested in how best to manage an evolving attack surface.
  • Vulnerability Management, Security Operations Center, IT Asset Management, Corporate Security, Security Architecture, CISO.

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