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ASM Demo: Using the Trends and Benchmarks Dashboard

The dashboard allows teams to report on security posture, demonstrate ROI and align strategies with broader business objectives.

The trend and benchmark dashboard provides out of the box metrics including attack surface size, total active risk count and average length of exposure calculated in dates.

These metrics align to common themes such as attack surface growth, risk reduction and remediation.

When clicking on a metric, you’ll see different tabs that show breakdown segments for each metric.

For example, when looking at an attack surface size, you can see the count of assets by asset type to quickly understand where your attack surface is growing.

We’re also providing a view into attack surface composition so that teams can track progress in reducing attack surface complexity.

You’ll see here that we show the number of unique ports we observe on your attack surface.

You can see a sprite line chart with a percent change that compares the current count with your 90 day rolling average.

And you can see a trend line that shows how your count of ports has changed.

You can drill into these for deeper context and more insights about the specific number of ports that are exposed for risks.

You can see active risks broken down by severity asset type and category.

Lastly, we have the average length of exposure metric which we’re going to release in beta.

This metric calculates how many days we observed a risk in your attack surface exposed to the public internet.

This is broken down by severity risk status and risk category.

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