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The 2023 State of the Internet Report

How Secure Is Our Modern Internet?

In the second annual State of the Internet Report, the Censys Research Team is back with fresh insights into the state of internet security – and what they mean for security teams.

This one-of-a-kind report leverages the Censys Map of the Internet to better understand which corners of the global internet are getting safer, and where threat actors still have opportunities to wreak havoc.

In particular, we examine how activity on web entities – the content served over HTTP (think: websites, web-based control panels, load balancers, and even APIs) – signals how the internet is and is not becoming more secure.

What You’ll Find in the Report

Key findings from this year’s report on web entities include:

  • TLS Certificate Adoption: Of all hosts Censys observes using TLS and encrypting traffic, nearly 95% of them support the latest two versions of TLS (1.2 and 1.3) – an encouraging trend.
  • Misconfigurations: While misconfigurations don’t often make headlines, they remain a major problem. Censys identified 8,000 hosts with misconfigurations exposing potentially sensitive information.
  • Unauthenticated Monitoring Tools: Unauthenticated monitoring tools like Prometheus and API documentation like Swagger are providing another avenue for threat actors to conduct reconnaissance.
  • Named vs. Unnamed Hosts: The contrast between the types of web servers and other software Censys observes on named versus unnamed hosts reflects differences in configuration and security posture between the two.

Get your copy of The 2023 State of the Internet Report to learn more about these findings and how they can help your team make more informed decisions.

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