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Censys Supports Great People to Build a Great Product

Here at Censys, we want to make the internet safer for all. To do that, we built a place where talented people feel valued and supported in their roles and in their home life. Taking care of our team is at the very core of our values, and we believe in actions. In the midst of a global hiring battle, Censys offers a benefit package like no other to support our employees from the very first day of employment.

Remote Support

In our relentless efforts to secure the internet, our team needs reliable equipment. Censys fully supports remaining 100% remote into the future, and we’ve taken some steps to support employees at home. On top of new hires receiving brand new laptop computers, employees also receive an automatic monthly stipend for wi-fi or related at home expenses.

Personal Development

We are committed to growing our people, so they can help Censys continue to grow! We offer $1,000 per employee for manager-approved professional training, development or attending role-related conferences. Our team has a combined several decades of experience in various industries, everyone is more than happy to become a mentor or connect a new hire with an outside mentor. We also have an unlimited book budget and ongoing company wide training sessions, like an Introduction to VC-backed equity.

Parental Leave & Support

Supporting new parents & families is a high priority for us. In addition to optionally staying 100% remote permanently, we offer extensive support for new parents. Primary caregivers will receive 100% paid 12 week leave, and secondary caregivers receive 100% paid 6 week leave. Our team fully understands that family comes first, and life can happen at any given time. We offer compassionate leave for fertility & miscarraige, and any personal and emotional support desired. We also provide new parents diapers for a year, access to company-sponsored doula services, and quarterly maternal health workshops.

Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health & wellness is critical for working & everyday living. We recognize that our work can at times be stressful, and we want to assist our team through it all. Employees receive a monthly reimbursement for mental health & wellness, and reimbursement for Calm, Headspace, or other meditation apps. Biweekly Censys company yoga is available for employees that enjoy wellness in a group setting.

We offer a whole slew of other benefits like 401(k) and pension matching, quarterly retreats, and pet insurance to name a few. We have been intentional about creating total compensation packages that recognize all different types of families and needs for support. We look forward to adding in additional benefits to stay inclusive as we continue to grow. Ps, we are hiring!

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Lakeisha Henderson
Marketing & Product Intern
Lakeisha Henderson is a Marketing and Product Intern at Censys. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, she focuses on creating content to build the Censys brand and assist organizations in effectively managing their attack surface.
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